OEM Shop Services

Minimize your down time to keep your project on track

Machine Shop

OEM specializes in industrial equipment machine work. We offer in-house full machining capabilities.

Weld & Hone Shop

Weld Shop Services
OEM offers in-house manual and automative welding.

Honing Services
OEM operates an in-house honing shop. Diameters from 3 to 12 inches and lengths up to 28 feet can be honed.

Cylinder Testing

All OEM cylinders are put through a rigorous testing procedure. Cylinders are mounted to our test stand, and pressurized to machine operating pressure. They are then operationally checked, bypass checked, and leak checked. You can be assured our cylinders are ready to provide you with exceptional service. Our cylinders are built with pride in the U.S.A.

Cylinder Repair and Re-Manufacturing

We are capable of handling all types and brands of industrial hydraulic cylinders. All cylinders are repaired or remanufactured as needed, employing manufacturers and industry standards and specifications. We have invested in large assembly and disassembly machines, machining equipment, welding and honing equipment. All fasteners are torqued to factory specifications. All machining, honing and welding are done to exacting factory and industrial standards. If we do not have your cylinder in stock, please consider having us rebuild yours. Depending on your location, turn around time can be as little as three days.


Hydraulic Pumps
Pumps are tested on our in house, 350 horse power test stand. They are rotated to correct pump speed and pressured up to 5,000 PSI. Charge pressure, pilot pressure, load sensor pressure and case flow are checked. Horse power, brake pressure, maximum and minimum displacement are adjusted according to factory specifications. And they are checked for leaks.

Transmissions are tested for lube pressure, charge pressure, system pressure, torque pressure and flow. They are rotated to correct rpm and shifted through all gears to check rate of shift and to check for slippage.

Rotary Manifolds
Rotary manifolds are mounted into our test stand, built specifically for fully testing them. They are pressured, up to 3,000 PSI, rotated, and checked for internal and external leaks.

Differentials are pressure checked for leaks in brake seals and diff lock mechanism.

*If your components are not tested before being installed on your tractor, then your tractor becomes the test stand. You can install our components with confidence, knowing they are working properly.

Please contact plant manager, Mike Hutyra for any shop services.