Cherry Hydraulic Cylinders

Our “Cherry” Hydraulic Cylinders have earned the reputation of being the best Deere remanufactured cylinders in the industry. Here’s how we do it.

Cylinder is installed in our disassembly machine, where all hardware is de-torqued.

Rod is inspected, then polished or remanufactured as needed. We NEVER repair scratches. If the chrome is not perfect the entire chrome rod is replaced.

Barrel is inspected, then honed or remanufactured as needed. We pioneered a unique method to eliminate any seams inside the barrel.

Rod guide, piston, bushings, and hardware are inspected and replaced as needed.

All components are measured to assure concentricity and original dimensions are retained. Our cylinders always accept original seals, bushings, etc.

Cylinder is reassembled on our assembly machine, using seals, bushings and hardware that retain original fit, finish, and function.

All hardware is torqued to factory specifications.

Cylinder is then installed on our test stand, and brought up to system pressure. Weld joints and sealing areas are checked. Rod is extended and retracted several times and bypass test performed.

Proper painting and palletizing complete the process to provide the finest hydraulic cylinders in the industry.

We perform all of these steps on EVERY cylinder we sell. That’s why they are referred to as CHERRY!