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“Clean” John

“Clean” John Caraway is a mechanic.  I mean he’s REALLY a mechanic.  He told me his first recollection of turning wrenches was rebuilding a lawn mower engine when he was 10.  He has been performing his magic at OEM Replacement Parts for many years and his work is impeccable.  Somehow, John can work on tractor components all day and never get a speck on him, hence the Clean John nickname.  Plus, he’s just a smooth, calm, likable person.  If you’ve purchased a transmission from us and it is still working perfectly, John was likely involved.  When he went to work for us, we weren’t able to test electronic shift transmissions because the on board computer was needed to shift through the clutch packs.  One weekend, John had a brain storm (he has lots) and he showed up Monday morning with his own switch box.  We are now able to manually energize the shift solenoids and test those complex transmissions.  John sets the standard on work ethic, attendance, product quality, and effective, intelligent communication.  Sometimes, one person can make a HUGE difference in a company.  At OEM Replacement Parts, “Clean” John Caraway has done just that and we are thankful every day for having him.  We love you John!


Jeff Bower