Zach Hoyt, transmission specialist

Meet Mr. Zach Hoyt.  Zach comes from a family of machinists, hot rodders, and strong family ties.  He grew up in his father’s machine shop, while also working on fast cars.  When he was 12, his dad loaned him the money to buy a truck in pieces.  In the next 3 years, he paid his dad back and funded the work on that truck by working on other people’s cars, engine swaps, etc.  When he was 15, the truck was finally finished…so he sold it.  He’s been a highly productive mechanic ever since.

A few years ago, a mutual friend recommended I contact Zach to work in our transmission rebuild department.  At the time, Zach was the lead mechanic in a local custom car shop.  As our friend put it, he was the “go to guy”.  Although he had never worked on construction equipment, it was immediately obvious that Zach had a knack for anything mechanical.  I’ve worked with a lot of mechanics in my life.  Few have exhibited the mechanical aptitude, ability, and phenomenal learning ability of Zach Hoyt.  Within 90 days, he was rebuilding and testing complex Zed-F transmissions by himself.  Within 2 years, he had become the “go to guy” in our transmission department.  Our transmission sales have tripled since he hired on, just 2 years ago.  He knows every transmission we sell by sight, at a glance.  He also has a knack for making friends.  When someone is truly confident and comfortable with their abilities, they tend to engage others around them and share what they know willingly.  Zach has made it clear that he doesn’t want to be the boss.  He just wants to get things done and lead by example.  And he does.  He has truly made a difference and continues to innovate, every day.

When he hired on, I promised him I would never ask him to work on my cars so that he could use his time to produce revenue for the company and be compensated accordingly.  He now has time to spend with his family and work on his own cars.  I just wish he’d finish his big block supercharged 1970 Chevelle.  Come on man!