Meet Rita Mefford!

Sorry guys, she’s taken!  Back in 2015, we had just hired a new parts manager, JJ Lopez. Shortly after he went to work here, his girlfriend dropped by one day to see where he worked. She was so impressed with the friendly, professional culture at OEM that she applied for the job of administrative assistant. We hired her immediately. Rita is the first person to work here with a degree in accounting. She has been keeping books and running offices since she was in high school. She is truly a seasoned pro. She immediately started doing the invoicing and payment processing, flawlessly. In the last 4 years, she has taken on one responsibility after another, and at this point the list is impressive. Now, she also does all of the following: Core returns, freight quotes, negotiate freight discounts, verify freight invoices, arrange all trucking and ups shipments, process and sort mail, track daily sales, inventory maintenance, assist in parts orders and back up the phones. Being bilingual, she has been very helpful in assisting our Spanish speaking customers, of whom we now have many. She’s also a master of the Excel spreadsheet. One of the main things she does for this company is hard to measure. She brings a bright, cheerful upbeat attitude all day, every day, along with a big beautiful smile. Rita is one of those people who makes you feel better, just by being near her. Her love of life is contagious. She’s also a phenomenal mother and human in general. If you call here and a lady answers the phone, you’re probably talking to Rita Mefford. She has many things in common with my wife Rita Bower, who is grateful for her massive contribution to our company. They work together very effectively. I’ve learned the only thing better than 1 awesome lady named Rita is TWO! We are so blessed to have you at our company ma’am. We love you Rita Mefford!