Caleb Williams, Deere parts specialist

This is Caleb Williams.  He worked for us for several years as our shipping man before going on to greener pastures.  He learned a lot while he was gone.  One of those lessons was that OEM Replacement Parts is the exception when it comes to job place culture, so he came back.  He has worked under one of the best parts men I know, JJ Lopez, for a year and now the training wheels are off.  JJ has been on a well deserved cruise in the Caribbean all week.  Caleb didn’t miss a beat and kept moving product out the door with the help of our amazing shop and office staff.  Yesterday, I shook his hand and said “Welcome to being a parts man.  You definitely are one now.”  He told me he plans to retire from here…a long time from now.  Glad you came back man!


Jeff Bower