Parade of J loaders

We just received a shipment consisting of (1) Deere 624J and (3) Deere 644J loaders.  These machines spent their lives at a pipe yard, loading trucks.  They do not have the normal wear and tear on machines that have spent their lives on construction sites.  Most of the components and attachments appear to be in excellent condition, but as usual, we will fully rebuild, and test every component before shipping.

Steve, thanks for your service.

This is Steve Clark. He went to work for us recently as a rebuild mechanic. Steve’s high mechanical aptitude and focus on his work are already making a difference in our company. He is ex military, having served a 1 year tour of duty in Northern Iraq for the US Army as a reconnaissance scout. I know a guy who’s brother served alongside Steve. I’ve heard stories. Steve is very humble and doesn’t talk about it but I know that some Americans are alive today, due to his actions. I walked by his work station today and he was hanging up an America flag directly over his area. This is about as good as it gets folks. Thank you for your service Steve. And thank you for planting your flag at OEM.

Jeff Bower
President, OEM Replacement Parts

Professional sales staff

Jeff, JJ, and Caleb. 60 years of construction parts experience.  Our promise to our customers:  You will ALWAYS be treated with professionalism and respect, anytime you contact our company.  And we will ALWAYS try our best to help resolve any problem you may have with your construction equipment.   Call us!