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Terry “Red” Moore

This is Terry Moore, aka “Red”.  He is our lead tear down man, among many other things.  He’s recently been learning how to build axles from his “little” brother who also works here.  He will basically do anything you ask if he has the knowledge and ability.  He has never once told me “That’s not my job”  That’s not how his brain works.  Red is one of those people who just likes to work.  He truly enjoys working hard and getting things done.  I have spent some time with Red recently out at our tear down yard, also known as the “OEM Component Recovery Division”.  We go to lunch together in normal times.  I have learned a lot about how this man became who he is.  He was raised by his grand father who put him to work at the age of 6, painting trim on houses.  His grand father owned a house painting business and put the young Red to work as soon as he could hold a paint brush.  His grand father also took him all around North American on various adventures, including arrow head hunts.  He’s got some stories.  He has already lived quite a life in his 38 years.  He told me that he has fond memories of painting all day and then working on the farm all evening.  To this day, he would work 16 hours a day if I could afford the overtime.  But the truth is, he normally does about 16 hours of work in a normal 8 hour day.  His work ethic is incredible.  His honesty is undeniable.  And even though he’s a 6’6″ behemoth of a man, his heart is pure gold and full of kindness.  If you’ve ever watched Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs”, you can appreciate where Red is coming from.  He has no fear of dirt, oil, hot weather, cold weather, sweat, sore muscles, or any of the other things that make many people shy away from physical work.  One day, we were discussing various attributes of workers.  Red extended his large hands and simply said “Sir, I make my living with these.”  And man does he.  Thanks for joining us Red.  We feel truly blessed to have you join us.