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Mike Hutyra, our first machinist

Mike came on board 16 years ago and revolutionized our company.  He is one of the most gifted machinists I’ve ever known, and so much more.  His ability to visualize and implement complex repairs and modifications, coupled with his eye for detail and perfection have contributed greatly to the success of OEM Replacement Parts.  All of his procedures retain the original dimensions of the parts, so that if someone needs a seal or bushing in the future, they can go to their local John Deere dealership and the repair parts will fit perfectly.  The only time Mike ever deviates from the original design is when he actually catches an engineering flaw and improves the product.  Even then, the original parts still fit.  Mike is a genius and although he doesn’t have the diploma, he is a gifted engineer.  He also takes on one responsibility after another until he is now 2nd in command after me, and his title is “Plant Manager.”  And he is also a gentleman and a down to Earth really good guy.  He’s the first one to get here every morning, and he works hard all day, every day.   Thanks for joining us Mike.  We couldn’t do it without you, sir.


Jeff Bower, President