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Charles Curd, master machinist

This is Mr. Charles Curd, one of the best machinists you’ll ever meet.  Charles has 39 years experience at running machining tools, 15 of those at OEM.  He is like a machine himself, making every movement count.  Charles turns out more remanufactured rods and barrels than everyone else I’ve ever known, combined.  He also repairs differential housings and anything else that can be repaired correctly, the key word being “correctly”.  Charles is every mechanic’s best friend when they need help out of a bind.  Charles will be a star in our upcoming video about “Cherry” Hydraulic Cylinders, where you will witness a glimpse of his phenomenal ability.  When needed, he is a top notch welder and cylinder mechanic.  He’s also a pretty cool guy who isn’t afraid to speak his mind.  Charles Curd is definitely not playing.  Glad he’s with us!

Jeff Bower, President